Mbuso Dubazane

Mbuso Dubazane is a founder and Managing Director Siqalo Mining an Engineering Projects (SIMEP). Mbuso is responsible for the strategic direction and over-seeing of all activities at SIMEP.

Prior to embarking on a journey as an entrepreneur, Mr. Dubazane began his career as an engineer where he worked for a number of companies including Toyota (S.A), Eskom, Exxaro Resources and South32. Mr. Dubazane is registered as a professional engineer with ECSA and also holds a GCC (Mines & Works) certificate.

Mbuso prides himself on taking a very hands-on approach when approaching a client’s specific requirements. He is passionate about Technology, Innovation People, Customer Satisfaction and Skills Development.

Mr. Dubazane graduated with a BSc. Mechanical Engineering degree from University of KwaZulu-Natal and M.Eng. degree from University of Johannesburg.